Bigfoot 10th birthday party and awards night 2019


Thank you to everyone who was interested in coming along to the Bigfoot 10th birthday party and awards night 2019.

In the list below we confirm who can attend and how many guests can accompany them. As an example from the list, from the Peate family Albert and Flo can attend plus one guest each, so 4 people in total from their family).


There are limits to the numbers who can attend; so if anyone is now unable to attend please contact Adam at in order that we can give that place to someone else. Equally if anyone is looking to attend or has problems with their allocation please also contact Adam and we will see if we can help.

Full details of the event are in the PDF file below. We look forward to seeing you all there!

Young rider (+ number of guests that can accompany this young rider)

Victor Andreyev (+1)
Matthew Barnell (+1)
Joshua Benfield (+2)
Jacob Chambers  (+3)
James Cook (+3)
Sterling Daniels (+4)
Emily Drake (+1)
William Drake (+1)
Alex Dulake (+2)
Ali Elsayed (+0)
Hana Elsayed (+1)
Ben Frost (+2)
Sameeha Haque (+1)
Safir Haque (+1)
Safaa Haque (+0)
Aaron Harris (+2)
James Harwood (+1)
Ben Higgins (+2)
Sami Kechiche (+1)
Sara Kechiche (+0)
Adam King (+3)
William Mitchell (+3)
Nathan Monks (+4)
Dexter Munro (+3)
Albert Peate (+1)
Florence Peate (+1)
Aidan Plail (+1)
Dylan Plail (+0)
Isaac Rehman (+3)
Isabel Scothern (+1)
Roisin Smith (+2)
Joseph Spearman-Oxx (+3)
Isabelle Stoneham (+1)
Matthew Stoneham (+1)
Eleanor Thompson (+1)
Matilda Turner (+1)
Grace Turner (+2)
Thomas Watkins (+3)
Henry Wheeler (+3)
Thomas Whitting (+1)
Greta Wilkinson (+1)
Brodie Wilkinson (+1)
Calder Wilkinson (+0)

Adult volunteers with no young riders

Sandra Eder
Tony Eder
Spencer Harradine
Adam Shepherd

Phil Shemmings,
10 May 2019, 09:01