Coaching hub

Our coaching hub provides access to news, documents and resources for club coaches and volunteers.

To access the coaching hub you will need Google account that has been granted authority to access the page.

If you are not logged into a Google account that has permission to access the coaching hub you will see this screen:

How to access the coaching hub:

STEP 1: Use your Google Account

If you have a Gmail address you already have a Google Account. If not you can register for a Google Account either using your existing email address, or by creating a new Gmail address.

If your account has already been granted access, then click the button "Switching accounts" and sign in using your approved Google Account.

If this is the first time you have accessed the coaching hub you will need to follow Step 2 and request access.

STEP 2: Request access to the coaching hub

If this is the first time you have visited the coaching hub you will need to request access in order for your account to be given permission to access the pages.

Just click the button marked "Request access" and follow the instructions. We will authorise your request once we have confirmed your identity.

Having problems?

If you have any problems accessing the coaching hub drop us a line at