Useful information

On this page you will find links to useful information for parents and club members. Click on the links for more information.

Club rules and membership information pack

Bigfoot Youth CC provides a fun and safe environment for our members to develop their bike skills. We can only do this if our members, parents and supporters agree to follow some simple rules. Read the club rules here.

Making payments to Bigfoot Youth CC

From September 2018 all coaching fees must be paid via the British Cycling online payment system. You can find details of how to pay electronically here together with information about our terms and conditions for club membership and payments.

Privacy and data protection

Bigfoot Youth CC is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and that of your children. We aim to handle your personal data in a fair, lawful, secure and transparent way. Read our Data Privacy Notice here.

Go-Ride Gears programme

Bigfoot Youth CC was one of the first cycling clubs in the UK to introduce a formal assessment scheme for our riders. The Go-Ride Gears programme is our way of recognising and rewarding our members for their hard work in developing cycling skills and fitness.

Winter clothing guide

We regularly see young riders inadequately dressed for the cold and wet winter weather. Correct clothing is an essential part of making cycling both safe and enjoyable. To help you make the right choices we've put together a Bigfoot Youth winter clothing guide.

Indoor training guide

Rollers and turbo-trainers are a great way to stay active through the winter or add extra sessions to your weekly training. To help you get the most out of your winter training we've put together an indoor training guide.

Looking after your bike

It is important that your child’s bike is well maintained and adjusted, to ensure safe and efficient cycling. If a bike is found to be unsafe your child may not be able to take part in the coaching session. Keep your child's bike in good repair with our guide to looking after your bike.

Buying a bike for your child 

It's not always easy to know what sort of bike to buy for your child. At Bigfoot Youth CC we’ve got a lot experience of kids’ bikes, both as parents and as coaches, and we thought it might be helpful to share what we know in our guide to buying a bike for your child.

Youth racing guide

We know that the racing scene can be a bit of a mystery if you're relatively new to cycling, so we've created a youth racing guide to help you get involved. Visit our racing section where we've published lots of information about local cycle racing events.