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Bromley Go-Ride Racing League 2014/5 - final results

posted 5 Jul 2015, 10:44 by Bigfoot Go-Ride   [ updated 5 Jul 2015, 13:38 ]
Congratulations to all the Bigfoot Go-Ride and Bigfoot Youth members who took part in the this year's Bromley Go-Ride Racing League. The series goes from strength to strength, and the racing gets more competitive every year!

The full results have been published on the Bromley Go-Ride Racing League website but there's a summary below.

Once again it's been a brilliant year for Bigfoot, taking 21 out of 27 podium places!

A huge thank you as always to all the parents and volunteers who make the league possible.

Year 3 and under girls           
1st    Elsie Harding - Penge
2nd    Safaa Haque - Bigfoot
3rd    Orla Willis - Bigfoot
Year 3 and under boys           
1st    Aaron Harris - Bigfoot
2nd    Freddie Neath - Bigfoot
3rd    Malachi Bernard - Penge
Year 4 and 5 girls           
1st    Molly Neath - Bigfoot
2nd    Flo Peate - Bigfoot
3rd    Ellen Jeffreys - Bigfoot      
Year 4 and 5 boys           
1st    Albie Peate - Bigfoot
2nd    Lochy MacDonald - Bigfoot
3rd    Henry Harding - Penge

Year 6 and 7 girls           
1st    Roisin Smith - Bigfoot
2nd    Olivia Wilson - Bigfoot
3rd    Harriet Haycocks - Bigfoot
Year 6 and 7 boys           
1st    George Harding - Penge
2nd    Jack Harradine - Bigfoot
3rd    Reece Jethwa - Penge
Year 8 and 9 girls           
1st    Rhiannon Smith - Bigfoot
2nd    Milly Shemmings -Bigfoot
3rd    Rachel Young -Bigfoot
Year 8 and 9 boys           
1st    Joseph Harris - Bigfoot
2nd    William Fall - Penge
3rd    Sam Ward - Bigfoot

Year 10+ boys           
1st    Alexander Damms - Bigfoot
2nd    Robert Mills - Bigfoot
3rd    Michael Chambers - Bigfoot