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Winter road rides

posted 12 Nov 2018, 11:07 by Phil Shemmings

What are they?

These are road rides held during the winter season. They will be arranged at short notice when we have a reasonable idea of the weather. There will be various rides from 20 miles at a pace to suit anyone from Bigfoot Youth to up to 60 miles at a particular ride pace for the club's stronger riders only.

Who can join in?

These rides are generally only open to Youth members. On some of the rides we can include the stronger racing riders from our other branches - if you think that may be you, email Adam at Generally we need parents / carers to accompany the young riders. Where that's not possible and the young rider is aged 10+ please contact Adam and we'll see if we can arrange arrange a Ride Buddy.

Where to go?

Adam would like the club's young riders to determine the ride distance, ride speed and route they would like. If you would like to choose this for a ride, please email Adam at

Finding out about the rides

You can find out what rides are happening and when either by asking that Adam puts you on his mailing list for such rides, or going to and selecting ‘Club Rides’ from the menu and checking for updates.