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Spin Sessions 2018

We have arranged spin sessions on Thursday nights in January, February and March. There will be no club sessions at Bromley College on Thursdays in January, February or March.

The riders listed below are those who are invited to the next session. Please carefully check the session date and the list of riders.

Where we are oversubscribed we also list those who we are saying cannot attend. We will try to make sure everyone gets an equal chance to attend sessions during the three months - so if we prevent a young rider from attending a session (due to being oversubscribed and having had their name selected at random) they will not run the risk of missing another session until all the other young riders have missed a session too. The only exception is that those riders who have only ever been able to join club sessions on Thursdays will not be picked to miss a session, as they are unable to come to sessions on Mondays. 
CANCELLATION – if a young rider is no longer able to come, let Adam know as soon as possible so we can allocate the slot (randomly) to one of the unlucky ones, email:

If you do not tell Adam promptly (or at all) that a young rider is no longer able to attend, then that young rider will miss another future session too, as they are likely to have denied someone else taking up that place.
ADULTS – if you come in suitable attire and we have a ‘no show’ on the day you may get to spin.
FUTURE DATES – If you want to alter the dates you previously asked to have (or ask for dates for the first time) just click on the link below and fill it in for all future dates and fully complete in other respects too – we will then use this updated entry:

ARRIVING ON TIME – We must insist everyone arrives on time to avoid disrupting the session. We appreciate the timing is earlier than our usual Thursday evening session, but it was the only time available and this is a fantastic opportunity not to be missed. We continue to ask you arrive no later than 5:45pm. If you are worried about traffic delays leave home earlier! If someone arrives after 5:55pm they will be turned away.

DROP OFF AND COLLECTION – a club volunteer will be in reception at the drop off and collection times. Parents must wait there and are not to stray further in to the building.

For more details about the spin sessions download the information sheet below.


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